Why Is VGM Needed

The reason for Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is to enhance safety at sea. The main purpose of the VGM IMO mandatory regulatory requirements is to obtain an accurate gross weight of packed containers. By doing so, vessel’s and terminal operators can put together vessel loading and stowage plans before loading cargo containers on ships requirement to avoid accidents due to wrong vessel stowage. This requirement will protect vessel and terminal operators’ people and equipment as well as the shippers’. Deviations of the declared weight and the actual weight of containers have caused costly accidents in the past. To reduce this risk, the regulation obligates the shipper to verify the gross mass of the container. 

According to the Danish Maritime Authority, it is the shipper’s responsibility to inform the shipping company of the container’s verified weight before it can be loaded on board.

If you choose to have the weight verified at the terminal, weighing is performed within the tolerance limits specified on the Danish Maritime Authority’s website. You as the shipper must then forward the VGM certificate to the shipping company. If a container does not have a VGM certificate, it cannot be loaded on board the ship. Nor may it be loaded if the VGM certificate does not correspond with the target weight within specified tolerance limits.   



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