How the VGM Service Works

In order to provide effective handling and goods service at the Copenhagen Malmö port in connection with the SOLAS introducing changes to VGM requirements, CMP is offering a facility to issue VGM (Verified Gross Mass) certificates. This offer applies for filled export containers arriving at the container terminal in Copenhagen, and the service is aimed at those who ship containers. After gate-in you are able to buy information about the verified weight on CMP-VGM website.

Due to the SOLAS VGM rules and regulations CMP is not allowed to load containers with inaccurate or missing VGM data. Therefore CMP will verify that each container has an accurate VGM. You as a shipper are obligated to deliver VGM to your carrier.  

Container arrives at terminal

Container arrives at terminal

There is no change to our in-gate procedures. CMP's weighing solution is fully integrated within our normal operational procedures. All hauliers should proceed to the terminal. Your truck and container will be processed as per normal.

CMP weighs VGM

All full containers that enters the port are weighed to either provide or verify a VGM.

CMP cheсks VGM

Your VGM Checklist

  • VGM starts 1st of July 2016.
  • There are two and only two methods of acquiring VGM.
  • Container with inaccurate VGM will not be loaded.
  • VGM provided must be accurate to within 2 tons 
  • Shipper named on the ocean bill holds VGM responsibility.
  • VGM provided must be compliant with SOLAS regulations.

Is VGM Mandatory?

Yes. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has implemented a SOLAS amendment, or rather changes to existing regulations, to require that containers and their contents must be weighed prior to loading. With up to 20% of TEU’s shipped with an incorrect weight, the need for accurate container weight verification is essential.

Who provides VGM?

Under the SOLAS requirements, the shipper named on the ocean bill of lading is responsible for providing (both?) the carrier and the terminal operator with the verified gross mass of a packed container. The carrier and the terminal operator will not load a packed container aboard a ship without a correct VGM.

Verified VGM avalable

Verified VGM available online

All container weight data is immediately sent to the CMP-VGM service website after registration and is only available online. Digital certificates can be ordered for any container waiting to be loaded.


Accurate VGM service for clients

With minimal changes to operational procedures, any client can now obtain container VGM via the CMP-VGM service. With accurate VGM in the system, SOLAS rules and regulations are met and containers will be loaded.

Accurate VGM service for clients 



Container VGM Certificates

All current VGM container data in our system can be found and ordered here.

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